Make My Husband Love Me

Marriage can feel like an emotional obstacle course sometimes. As women, we often go into our marriage with this romantic fairytale encompassing our every thought. We imagine that our marriage will be different and our husband will be the one who loves us unlike any man has ever loved a woman. Unfortunately, real life has a way of changing that fairytale and pushing us into reality. No marriage is perfect, but when you start to feel emotionally neglected by the man you married, that’s a concern that you just can’t ignore.

If you’re a woman who is often saying to herself, “I want to make my husband love me again,” there are ways to change the foundation of your relationship with your spouse so your needs are fulfilled. You don’t have to continue living in a relationship in which you feel the spark has forever disappeared.

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How Can I Make My Husband Love Me More Than Ever Before?

Many of my readers, as well as personal friends, ask me the same question. “How can I make my husband love me more than ever before?” It’s a question that stems from a relationship that has fallen off the track on its way to the happily-ever-after station. Often, a marriage veers off its course when children enter the equation. Both partners become so engrossed in being the best parent they can that they start to lose sight of their spouse. It’s disheartening when this happens but it’s certainly not the end of your marriage and should never be viewed as such.

You, as the woman, in the partnership may have to take the lead when it comes to emotionally reconnecting. Don’t absorb that as added pressure though. You should instead view it as taking the reins on a very important journey that you and your husband are about to embark on.

Is it Possible to Make My Husband Love Me in the Way I Dream Of?

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We all have a certain ideal we strive for when it comes to our relationship. For some women it may be a husband who brings them flowers and writes them love poems. For others, the dream spouse is a man who isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves, do the dishes and read the kids their good night stories. Whatever your dream marriage consists of, that’s what you should be working towards.

You may feel that your husband just isn’t attentive or he’s not as romantic as you wish he was. Why settle? You married the man because you truly loved and adored him and you saw the promise of a wonderfully, enriching and satisfying future with him. You can have that if you’re willing to open yourself up to new and innovative ideas to change your marriage.

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